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I was born in May 1972 in West Yorkshire, England where I lived with my parents and brother

throughout my childhood. At sixteen I left school to train in travel and tourism, before

changing my career path and training to be a Nursery Nurse some years later.  Reading,

stories and watching films have always been a large part of my life, so having the opportunity

to tell stories to children in the classroom simply extended this passion.


I married in July 1994 and then my two sons arrived in 1997 & 1999.  That’s when I found that

writing became a part of my everyday routine. When my eldest son at nearly three years old

decided that he was afraid of the dark, I used to sit with him twiddling my thumbs

wondering what to do.  Any busy mother will know that time doing nothing is time not well

utilised, and so I would sit for fifteen minutes every night and write whilst he drifted off

which was something that I never seemed to have the time to do.  His fear was only brief

but I found that my passion for writing had become an important part of my day.  I did

not want to give up the small amounts of time that I had started dedicating to writing – I

loved it, and so I continued in between the usual household chores.


Over the years as the boys have grown, I have continued to write as a hobby. This has

mainly been due to the fact that my husband and I started an Engineering company

where we worked together, alongside that I remained a housewife and focused on raising our

boys.  It has taken me until 2014 to submit a manuscript for publication, not because I had lost that passion for writing but because my children came first for a time.  After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2011, I found that I was given back some of my time to write during my treatment, as I had to stop working to recover.  It re-ignited that passion more ferociously than ever and gave me immeasurable focus, and now that I am well and healthy I wish to continue this passion as a career.  


I live on a farm in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with my husband, sons, three dogs and six hens, and I love it dearly.  It is a beautiful part of the world and the most perfect place to write.


I honestly believe that if you have a dream you feel so strongly about that you can think of nothing else - then you should pursue it.  Otherwise you will never know where it may take you, but at least you know you have tried your hardest to achieve it.  Inevitably life is too short to keep wondering ‘what if’, so have the courage to take hold of that dream in your hands and chase after it…I have!

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