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'This was a wonderful gentle meander through a bereaved woman's discovery of love after losing her husband. Beautifully written,

fantastically descriptive (so much so I wanted to visit all the places in the story) I loved it...' - Netgalley Review


'LOVED this book! And I mean that sincerely. It's one of those books that you want to take to the beach and read all day long. Unfortunately, it's winter in the midwest, so I sat inside wishing I was on the beach. The story is all about 4 friends to take a trip to a European island and what they find. The primary characters, Jenny and Ethan, are perfect! Jenny is a 40-something widow. Ethan is a 40-something workaholic. The sparks fly when they meet and continue through the book! The supporting cast of characters are well drawn and the plot held my attention the entire time! I cannot rave enough about this book - except to say that I want to be on a beach, too! I highly recommend this book to everyone who love a Cinderella/Prince Charming book to read...' - Elizabeth, Netgalley


'Excellent Book. Draws you in very quickly.I couldn't put it down. A real feel good book. Full of romance. Well worth a read. Can't wait for the next book - they just keep getting better.' - Jojo, Amazon


'This is a great story, a romance combined with a girlfriend road trip. Jenny has been widowed for 3 years and her sons are away at college. Her 3 best friends are the only thing in her life that makes her get up each day. So when the 4 ladies travel to a small island to party and enjoy each other's company the last thing Jenny expects is to meet Ethan. When he follows her back to England to court her and meet her sons, she is profoundly aware that it might be possible to find true love twice. This story emphasizes the importance of have girlfriends at any age and Jenny's 3 friends are all deserving of great men just like Ethan. Lots of fun and laughter with the happy ending everyone is entitled to.' - Ann, Netgalley